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The Weekly Advisory – 4-21-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, This week we’ve got a few things to review your strategy….nothing like an April spring cleaning, right? And if you are a dreamer, we’ve got some awesome tools you’ve probably been salivating over. Enjoy! Content Marketing [...]

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Road Maker, Follower, or Hitchhiker

Are we out of big ideas? This question might sound strange considering all the technological advances that seem to evolve every day. Conventional wisdom suggests that technology, medicine, robotics, and artificial intelligence are all developing at a fever pitch. R&D [...]

Hug the Chaos

Three of the five companies I’ve advised in the last month are dealing with chaos with regard to the structure of their content teams. We would all be wise to heed what they’re going through. Chaos is coming; we just [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 4-14-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,This week, we venture into neurosciences, giving your best content away to bring in leads and Snapchat for job applications. It’s quite a week, indeed! Enjoy! Content Marketing Do you use neurosciences in marketing? Well, why not? Give it all away, [...]

Executives Are in Love with the Wrong Kind of Data

In the business world today, we can measure absolutely everything. Take your website as an example. You can measure clicks and views and how many of those views were unique. You can measure exit pages and bounce rates and conversion [...]

Do You Know What You Think You Know?

Last week, I was talking with a frustrated client. She had spent two weeks preparing a business case for a new strategic content initiative and another week booking meetings with all her colleagues across the business to socialize the plan. [...]

Laying A Framework For Content Governance

It is everywhere. And while content is prolific, it is not simple — it is a complex, multi-faceted effort that if not managed properly can mean the difference between success and getting sued. The content – images, text, audio, video [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 4-7-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,A few hot topics this week from the big ways you can impact video in your strategy, how to make deeper connections appropriately with your audience and bringing it home with the micro-influencers. Enjoy! Content Marketing Time to listen up – 40% of [...]

Remarkable Experiences: To Give Is To Receive

Last week I found myself sitting on one of the 130 or so airplanes I find myself sitting on every year. My fellow passengers and I were all sitting there as we waited to take off. It was raining hard. [...]

Staying on the Right Track with Agile Content Strategy

The course of the Indianapolis 500 doesn’t appear that complicated: it’s just an oval-shaped track. It looks the same on lap 3 as it does on lap 451. But the simple terrain is deceptive, because winning the Indy 500 is [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 3-31-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,You’ll find some great new features on Facebook this week that are going to change the way you use the platform entirely. Enjoy this weeks’ content marketing, customer experience and data transformation articles! Content Marketing Your content doesn’t have [...]

What Have You Learned From Success?

Last week, I was talking with a client who had just started a new job as a content strategist in the marketing department of a big B2B organization. Within the first two months of her job, she had helped the [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 3-23-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,Fake news, fake reviews…you seriously cannot make these things up. Be trustworthy, authentic and provide an innovative customer experience with new tech, when you can. Be creative, be bold and get out there.  Content Marketing Content marketing needs a reboot; [...]

Partners in Content

Last week, I talked with a director of content at a manufacturing company. (How awesome is it that there are now manufacturing companies with directors of content?) He told me about a challenge he was having. His team had been [...]


The Weekly Advisory – 3-14-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, This week we’ve come across some stories on the relationship you hold with your audience; honestly,the most important part of your marketing plans and where many marketers don’t know where to start (or stop…). Enjoy! Content Marketing Are [...]

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