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The Weekly Advisory – 5-26-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, We’ve all got the summer time blue, while we’d really like to be outside…yet here we are. To lighten your day, let’s talk about the content marketing mullet, zombies v.s. snowflakes and people-watching, shall we? Enjoy the weeks’ highlights [...]

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Apocalypse Soon: One Year From Today, the GDPR Will “Deep Impact” Data-Driven Marketing

What’s the hardest part of the job for a CEO or other senior business leader? Operations? Managing the Board? Sustaining a healthy and productive corporate culture? Hardly. A good leader will have all of those skills in abundance, or at [...]

How to Get Things Right by Getting Them Wrong

Next week marks the return of the Intelligent Content Conference. This year’s ICC is proving to be the biggest ever. I’m looking forward to seeing many old friends and making new ones. As I ready my materials – my keynote, [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 5-19-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, As temperatures heat up, so does the desire to just be outside….take your weekly content outside and catch up on the latest, below.  Content Marketing Want some real world, writing advice from a woman who says to [...]

Arrow Electronics & Marketing As A Business Model

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book with Joe Pulizzi, Killing Marketing – which will be published by McGraw Hill in September of this year. What if we looked at marketing as a business model, rather than as [...]

Copy and Create

Last week was our Intelligent Content Conference, and I’m flush with inspiration. I was amazed, although not surprised, by the number of insightful, pragmatic ideas from both the speakers and the attendees. Over the weekend, a marketer who hadn’t attended [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 5-12-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, This week we’re taking you from one spectrum to another, taking your marketing offline and revamping your digital strategies to accommodate….keeping you updated on all things content marketing, customer experience, and digital transformation. Enjoy! Content [...]

Commitment or Flexibility

  I asked a client last week how committed her business is to the content strategy she’s leading. She laughed and said, “Our management team doesn’t believe in commitment. They’re all about being flexible.” Joking aside, it’s an interesting question. [...]

Content Governance: Building The Team

In part one of this epic tale we addressed the elephant in the content team room: governance. In this, part two, of the content governance tale, let’s look at building a team that will help ensure the right content, gets [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 5-5-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, Welcome to the first week of May, and those April showers have surely brought on your May flowers by now. Enjoy the highlights of content marketing, customer experience and digital transformation this week.  Content Marketing [...]

Building a Clear Stakeholder Process in Content Reviews

Done well, your content marketing assets can open the door to thousands of new prospects, engage existing customers, and even help win back previous customers. A longform ebook or a revelatory research paper can energize your industry and instantly cement [...]

Are You Creating Content or Communicating?

It seems like every week brings us the news of some brand suffering from botched communication. A common thread runs through these stories: juicy rationalization. Whether implicit or explicit, that rationalization goes something like this: “We didn’t mean to do [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 4-28-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, As we continue through our spring cleaning, consider some great articles on overwhelmed customers, time management (really…I know?) and tracking Likes on a popular social network no longer….Enjoy! Content Marketing Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours [...]

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About the New Data Protection Rules

Sharpen your pencils, marketers! It’s almost time to plan next year’s budget, and it’s your last chance to grab the resources you’ll need to get ready for the GDPR. That’s the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. For marketers, it [...]

What’s the Big Idea?

When you’re a consultant, few things are as satisfying as having a former client or course attendee say, “We tried that thing. It worked.” Or even “Hey, we’ve decided to try that thing.” I had the pleasure of hearing a [...]

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