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The Weekly Advisory 7-21-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, A little light summer reading this week, venturing into actionables, headlines that grab ya and maybe we can finally understand exactly what it is your customers want after a sale. Enjoy! Content Marketing Read this and you [...]

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No Need For Speed, Marketers Need The Ability For Agility

Agile is a term that all the marketing kids are dancing to these days. But what often gets lost in translation is the distinction between being fast—and being truly agile. Undoubtedly, the digital disruption has left many marketers struggling to [...]

Are You Curious?

You’ve heard the proverb “Curiosity killed the cat.” Have you heard the less famous second half? The full proverb is “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” As I see it, what revives the cat is the inherent [...]

The Weekly Advisory 7-14-2017

Welcome to this week’s news. This week we have stories for your on the evolution of the marketing economy, including the testimonial currency, videos rise in value and quality over quantity in your email marketing. Cheers! Content Marketing The economy [...]

Marketing’s Role in CEO Success – Do You Play a Part?

This article originally appeared on the Type A Communications Blog here. Successful CEOs understand that the ability to communicate and drive ideas forward is one of the most important skillsets of a modern-day executive. It’s not a nice-to-have, but a [...]

The Business Case For Content Marketing Innovation

Is there a business case for content innovation? It seems like a silly question — and maybe in your business it’s unrelated to building the business case for content marketing. But it’s often not. Building the business case for innovation is [...]

Looking for Inspiration? Take a Breath

Last week I spoke at an event called the Learning Economy Summit, which highlights the way brands of all sizes are using education to drive results in marketing, sales, and customer experience. Attendees came from healthcare companies, manufacturers, consumer packaged [...]

What If We Killed Marketing?

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book with Joe Pulizzi called Killing Marketing. If I said that the marketing leader in business should be of the same stature as one would regard the most advanced practitioners of art, [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 7-07-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, With Independence Day behind us and the year more than half over, we’re reflecting a lot this week on the effectiveness of your content, checking your brand story and adding new tools to your digital [...]

How Are You Paying Your Attention?

I was recently talking with a marketing leader at a big B2B brand. She was overwhelmed – not by work tasks but by the feeling that she was making no progress: “My days are filled with meetings, and emails, and [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 6-30-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, As the graduating class of 2017 comes into the workforce, man, do they have their work cut out for them! This week we’re giving you some tools to onboard your new recruits, some plans you can have [...]

Got In-sight?

“How do we know what to pay attention to?” I was asked this question by a lead marketing practitioner who works for one of my clients, a global company with over 200,000 employees. We were discussing the company’s thought-leadership strategy [...]

The Weekly Advisory – 6-23-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,   For your reading pleasure, we are exploring content marketing, customer experience and digital transformation with a few rock songs in mind: cue Kiss, Aerosmith and of course, Queen as another one bites the dust….rock [...]

Go Against the Grain

What Mary Meeker Tells Us About Customer Experiences If you are like me and get a kick out of reading incredible new marketing research, then you too have probably flipped through the 355 slides of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends of [...]

Why Are So Many Smart People So Stupid About the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been called “a revolution,” “a paradigm change,” and “a ticking time bomb.” That bomb will go off on 25 May 2018. There’s no question of diffusing it. For any company that does business [...]

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