The Weekly Advisory – 12-23-16

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,

Life gets crazy this time of the year, and if you haven’t already, hopefully soon you will be taking a break to enjoy family and friends for the holidays. Enjoy your holiday season and hopefully find a few more useful tips following on content marketing, customer experience and digital transformation. 

Content Marketing

Why are visuals supposed to be included in content marketing? This epic guide to social media visuals will give you some idea.

When considering your strategy, you could benefit from some Aristotelian rhetoric advice; seriously, the man knew a thing or two.

After all this advice, how about some that you could ignore

Customer Experience 

Instant gratification comes in full circle with live video. While it’s as easy as pushing a button, some thought needs to go into how to present yourself and your brand on this medium.

“Curiosity is an underrated business resource.” 

Online is great and all, it’s what has made our business thrive, but what if your customers are missing this piece of your marketing?

Digital Transformation

When the President chimes in on the fake new issue Facebook has been having, it’s certainly a reason to get some better systems in place. Here’s what Facebook is doing to keep the world getting the real news. 

Snapchat’s got some competition coming; Facebook Messenger has fun new filters to share with you.

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Author: Robert Rose
As the Chief Strategy Officer of The Content Advisory, the exclusive education and consulting group of The Content Marketing Institute, Robert develops content and customer experience strategies for large enterprises such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Oracle, McCormick Spices, Capital One, and UPS. Robert’s book, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing was called “a call to arms and a self-help guide for creating the experiences that consumers will fall in love with.” For the last three years, he’s co-hosted the podcast This Old Marketing, with Joe Pulizzi. It’s frequently a top 20 marketing podcast on iTunes and is downloaded more than a million times every year, in 100 countries around the world.