The Weekly Advisory – 3-14-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,

This week we’ve come across some stories on the relationship you hold with your audience; honestly,the most important part of your marketing plans and where many marketers don’t know where to start (or stop…). Enjoy!

Content Marketing

Are you making it all about your audience, or only getting your needs met….?

Social stories matter, even though the functionality is similar across platforms.

Why are you here? Why do you exist? Why is the world round….? Well, I don’t know that this necessarily covered those weighted topics, but it can help you identify three key benefits of knowing your COMPANY’S why.

Customer Experience 

Would you say trust is the main goal of your relationship with audiences? 

Enough time past from the holiday season (read: the cookies are stale…). Time to take a stab at evaluating your effectiveness communicating with your clients over the holidays.

Personalization cannot be half-hearted [insert $FNAME here] anymore; and millennials are keeping far away from those efforts, so it’s time to step it up. 

Digital Transformation

#socialskim article with such gems as Facebook takes on LinkedIn, Amazon challenges Skype and 9 other tech stories that will change the way to you view your social media efforts.

Haters may hate, hate, hate..but Twitters’ taking a stand on the chance you will have to interact with “Time Out”

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Author: Robert Rose
As the Chief Strategy Officer of The Content Advisory, the exclusive education and consulting group of The Content Marketing Institute, Robert develops content and customer experience strategies for large enterprises such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Oracle, McCormick Spices, Capital One, and UPS. Robert’s book, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing was called “a call to arms and a self-help guide for creating the experiences that consumers will fall in love with.” For the last three years, he’s co-hosted the podcast This Old Marketing, with Joe Pulizzi. It’s frequently a top 20 marketing podcast on iTunes and is downloaded more than a million times every year, in 100 countries around the world.