Founded in 2010

by Robert Rose as the strategic training, consulting, and research group of The Content Marketing Institute. We started by simply training teams on creating better content. But then we began to notice a disruptive trend. Successful businesses were integrating not just great content, but the operation of a media company; treating content as a strategic function in business.

Since then....

Co-Led with Cathy McKnight, TCA has assembled a series of proven frameworks and approaches to help implement intelligent content operational strategies. We combine independent and pragmatic thinking across a networked group of independent thinking analysts, data scientists, journalists, and creative artists.

These teams...

can assemble quickly and address specific challenges that help businesses to understand and meet the challenge of transforming their marketing strategies into a media-driven customer experiences at scale.

We believe...

We are conspirators of business success. Since our launch we’ve advised with more than 500 organizations, including 20 of the Fortune 100.  Content is as important to businesses as any other strategic function. TCA's focus is specific to how building, managing, and measuring this function enables the enterprise to create better customer experiences.

More than 15 Years
of Experience

Today’s buyer expectations are higher than ever. You content experiences have to go beyond answering simple questions. They must guide and educate the buyer on how to make better decisions. We’ve been helping businesses succeed at this for more than a decade.


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best-selling books on content strategy


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Our mission

We believe modern marketing is moving beyond advertising and promotion and is, at its heart, a media operation focused on building audiences. Our core beliefs:

  • Marketing is about delivering value to our audiences
  • Clear and consistent communication is better than clever copy
  • Content should be a strategic function in every business
  • Trust is at the center of creating differentiating content
  • Technology is only as good as the content that goes into it


A few of the wonderful companies we've worked with