Developing Audience Journeys & Personas

Audience personas are about people who are engaged with your content marketing. The challenge for most businesses is they can’t see customers beyond someone who has self-realized that they need what they have to sell. We help brands understand the difference, and develop audience personas, and the brand journeys that achieve the maximum return on your content investment.

How We Help Clients:

Develop Audience Personas 
We help you and your team plan how to develop audience personas and the maps of their engagement journey. It’s a different process than buyer personas – and we can help you develop the approach to understanding your audience better.  (Learn about our strategic consulting.)

Educate Teams About The Differences Between Audiences & Buyers
Developing trust among audiences is different than differentiating for buyers. We provide one-day workshops on the topic of audience persona development and customer journey mapping. We also provide ongoing “Mastermind Programs” to help guide your team with ongoing coaching throughout the year. (Learn about our education and training.).

Generate Insight Through Custom Research & Custom Content
From custom research with your audience or the topic of audience journeys to thought leadership papers, industry briefs, or training materials we are here to build educational materials to help demonstrate and educate to your audience the way to develop audience journeys and their personas  (Learn about our research & advisory.)

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Our Clients:

Are some of the world’s leading brands. They are looking to evolve their marketing strategy and operations to build audiences.

“When our leadership requested a multi-year content strategy that incorporates branded content, we felt that there were simply too many moving pieces to consider. The Content Advisory held a half-day session to ground everyone who creates content in the same understanding of what it is and what it’s supposed to achieve. They are the perfect choice. They helped us take a step back to look at the bigger picture. It was a full success and when needed we’d have them come back again.
Leona Frank
Senior Manager, Content Strategy – Vistaprint