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Content can truly be one of the most valuable assets that a company invests in. But it is only as valuable as the investment into the creation, governance, management, optimization, and measurement of it allows. At The Content Advisory, we help brands evolve strategic approaches to creating a content strategy that maximizes every dollar spend on content.

We Provide:  

Strategic planning and advice to help you organize your enterprise content strategy.

Road Mapping & Business Case Consulting
We can help you and your team through strategic advisory and consulting, in order to build your content strategy operational roadmap, or the business case for the function of content.

Workshops & Ongoing Training
We provide one day, two-day workshops on the topic of content strategy for your teams. We can also provide our ongoing “Mastermind Program” to help provide your team with ongoing coaching throughout the year.

Custom Content
From custom research to thought leadership papers and industry briefs, we are here to build educational materials to help your audience better understand content strategy.

Typical Assignments

Content Strategy Consulting
Helping you to devise a new roadmap for your marketing content strategy, or a full enterprise, global content function.

– Content Strategy Roadmap
– Enterprise Content Strategy Governance & Workflow
– Content Technology Selection Assistance
– Content Measurement & Scoring Consulting

Educational Workshops
One and two-day workshops that can help your team come up to speed on content strategy, and the operation of strategic content.

– Content Strategy For Marketers Workshop
– How To Select Digital Content Technology Workshop
– Digital Content Creation Workshop
– Content Governance & Workflow Workshop

Custom Content
We can help with customized research, or thought leadership around strategic content.

– Direct research for content strategy challenges
– Thought leadership papers and/or industry briefs

Our Clients:

Are some of the world’s leading brands. They are looking to evolve their marketing strategy and operations to build audiences.

“We brought Robert Rose to SAP for a strategic advisory on Content Marketing and what it means for us going forward. My team walked away feeling inspired and enthusiastic about our future. He is a powerful speaker who drives home his key points with a knack for really compelling storytelling. I am certain that I will be working with Robert again in the near future.”

Gurdeep Dhillon
Global Vice President – Demand Generation and Nurture at SAP Hybris

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