Surviving The Privacy Revolution

Regulations like the CCPA and GDPR hog all of the headlines, but marketers are currently experiencing an inescapable Global Data Privacy Revolution that is ultimately powered by a fundamental shift in consumer attitudes.  We help marketers understand how to survive and thrive in this new era of “beg data,” where success depends on nurturing trust in consumers in order to secure access to increasingly scarce and valuable first-party data.

How We Help Clients:

Assess Readiness For The New Data Economy
We help you and your team identify the challenges to meeting regulatory requirements, privacy tech innovations, and evolving consumer concerns.  (Learn about our strategic consulting.)

Educate Teams Through Workshops & Ongoing Training
We provide one-day, or two-day workshops on topics related to data privacy and customer experience. We also offer our “Mastermind Program” to provide your team with ongoing coaching throughout the year. (Learn about our education and training.)

Build Trust Through Custom Content and Thought Leadership Content
Consumers are looking for trustworthy partners that treat personal data fairly and securely.  From whitepapers to speaking engagements, our custom content can help you demonstrate your commitment to putting consumers in control.  (Learn about our research & advisory.)

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Our Clients:

Are some of the world’s leading brands. They are looking to evolve their marketing strategy and operations to build audiences.

“Tim Walters from The Content Advisory gave our marketing community a very comprehensive overview of the GDPR in just 2.5 hours. Though the topic is quite hard to digest and full of legal terms, he managed to advise the audience in an entertaining way, pointing out the seriousness and importance at the same time. We very much enjoyed the professional presentation and will keep on integrating the rules into our daily marketing tasks.” 

Cornelia Szauer
Global Digital Lead, DA, at Philips

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