How Do You CCDVTP?

Every now and again, I get asked to contribute to round-up posts. These are usually the kind of thing where 20 people answer the same question. This week a company asked me to send them a video that exemplified my thinking as a professional. So I went through my bookmark archive of videos from all over the internet and rediscovered a video from 2008 that still resonates with me.

The video is a small portion of Philip Kotler, one of my marketing heroes, giving a talk for the London Business Forum. In it, he talks about “the mantra of marketing”: CCDVTP. (He pronounces these letters in pairs: CC-DV-TP.) Here’s what the letters stand for:

Create, communicate, and deliver value to a target market at a profit.

In fact, this mantra applies to all content practitioners, whether or not they’re in marketing.

As Kotler explains each of those key words, you can hear the main concepts related to content marketing, content strategy, and customer experience. He talks about co-creation of content with our consumers, getting deep into the challenges we face today. My favorite passage is about how we must get beyond “mind share” and “heart share” to develop a “spirit share” – a share “of something a little more than narrow to your own interests” where we’re “creating an emotional relationship that’s more than limited to the person’s own nurturing of his or her ego.”

In other words, he advocates for content that does more than feed the consumer’s ego or prove that your organization is socially responsible. He encourages us to create content that has emotional value beyond the attributes of the service or product we offer.

I won’t spoil the video; you can see it here. It’s only six minutes of his full two-hour talk.

Kotler’s mantra – CCDVTP – reminds us of our opportunity and responsibility as marketers, as content practitioners, as denizens of a business. These six letters prompt us to confront some challenging questions:

  • How do we create products and services and communicate and deliver value?
  • How do we do that for a target market?
  • How do we do that at a profit?

If you get stuck answering these questions, back up, dig deep, and answer this one: WDWDWD? What do we do that’s worth doing?