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Out of the Ordinary

Hustle. Be remarkable, special. Obsess or be average. Differentiate. Every day we urge others, and are urged ourselves, to do something different than we did the day before. Breathless book titles, blog headlines, and speakers tell us that to succeed [...]

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The Weekly Advisory 2-16-2018

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, The week of love has come to an end…but don’t get your spirits too low. The Olympics are in progress! Come one now, even if you don’t have a clue what curling is, you know [...]

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Can the GDPR Save CXM (From Itself)?

The GDPR? Forget about it. Yes, the EU’s restrictive General Data Protection Regulation takes effect in less than four months. But seriously – just close the cover (or the PDF) and set aside the document. While you’re at it, set [...]

Does Your Content Really Need Your Big Brand?

Would you be more likely to read People Magazine if it was rebranded as “Human Magazine” and was distributed only in fancy bookstores at twice the price? Of the classic four P’s (product, place, price, and promotion) – the core [...]

The Weekly Advisory 02-09-18

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, Embarking on the month of love (p.s. next week is Valentines Day, so this is your gentle reminder to remember your special someone), it’s easy to focus so much on those that bring your paycheck. [...]

Why Brands Need To Do Good As Well As Be Good

 Good is no longer just trending. Doing good—to improve our lives and save our planet—has become the hallmark of achievement in the way we live. Good is here to stay. Research on consumer behavior tells us that we are increasingly [...]

Different Stories – Different Glories: 18 Non Monetary Ways Content Marketing Benefits Your Business

You already know that a successful content marketing initiative has many business benefits besides the obvious goal of eventually increasing revenue. But how do you explain those ethereal achievements to internal decision makers fixated on hard numbers? And what examples [...]

Interactive Content Marketing: New Research

Are you interesting? In March 2016, Dos Equis, the beer brand, retired its “Most Interesting Man in the World” by sending him on a mission to Mars. The campaign was resurrected in September with a new actor, and a renewed [...]

The Weekly Advisory 01-05-18

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, It’s here…the New Year is upon us…Do you feel the fresh air and the “new”-ness of the season? We certainly can and this week have gathered some of the most “ready-to-start” posts on content marketing, [...]

The Weekly Advisory 12-29-17

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, ​As the New Year approaches, so does what appears to be a new fresh start…even if the day only brings you the same ol’ same ol’, your cognitive biases tell you that January 1 is [...]

The Weekly Advisory 12-22-17

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, As we approach the final week before Christmas and then the New Year following, take a moment to enjoy your family and friends. The hustle and bustle can be exhausting, at best. When you’re ready [...]

​Forget Trust in Media: It’s Finally Time to Trust Audiences

My new colleague, the Deputy Managing Editor of the Wall Street Journal, looked at me. “Your turn,” he smiled. “Ask me anything.” Wow. I mean, I had prepared for this moment, sure, but all my carefully crafted questions flew out [...]

How Should Things Be?

Many of the teams I’ve been working with are either reorganizing or trying to figure out the best way to assemble new roles and responsibility to make content a strategic function in their business. One thing that gets in the [...]

How Do You Compare?

Are you feeling like you are lagging behind your competition? Are you feeling like your boss just doesn’t get how to innovate? Do you feel like your technology sucks? Do you think that your budget is way below the average? [...]

Want to make your intranet great (again)? Get rid of the FUD

FUD fəd/ noun; fear, uncertainty, and doubt, usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage. In the case of intranets, it is often an organically generated feeling articulated as “here we go again” when the internal [...]

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