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Your Revolution Won’t Come In A Headline The Content Advisory Raised Fists

Your Revolution Isn’t In A Headline

Well, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks. I mean in content. (Why? Is there something else happening in the news that I should be aware of?) Anyway, first, Adobe purchased Marketo in its biggest acquisition ever ($4.75 billion). So [...]

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Truth Is Trust The Content Advisory handshake

Truth Is Trust

Well, it’s been a week where “truth” has been elusive. Now, before the pitchforks come out, let’s put current politics aside. I’m not referring to what’s being said in the media. Rather, the elusiveness seems to be in the actual [...]

When a Redesign Ruins Your Race Car Robert Rose Content Advisory

When a Redesign Ruins Your Race Car

I have no doubt that you’ve heard the classic saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It means, of course, that if something’s working adequately, you should refrain from changing it. Now, this advice can be good or bad [...]

The Meaninglessness of Data

I’m just finishing Factfulness by Hans Rosling. This amazing book illuminates a world we barely recognize by challenging what we assume the “facts” to be. Rosling posits that we are operating under perspective-distorting, emotion-fueled “instincts” about how to use information, [...]

Who Is Your “Arbiter of Good?”

An article caught my eye this week because it speaks to a dilemma I often face when talking with clients. The Inc.com piece quotes author Malcolm Gladwell talking about the talent of one of his editors: “My editor at the [...]

Life Inside A Reshaped Box

Looking for new ideas? Do you believe you should think outside the box more often? As it turns out, encouraging someone to “think outside the box” is pretty useless advice. The phrase was popularized in the 1970s based on a [...]

Content Marketing And Sales – Bridging The Gap [New Research]

Content Marketing and Sales. At its surface it seems like a bad mismatch.  But new research shows that business performance can be intricately linked to strategic alignment between these two groups. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Two psychiatrists [...]

There Is No Spoon In Content Marketing

In the movie The Matrix, there’s a famous scene where Neo meets The Oracle. As he walks into her apartment, he sees a young boy bending a spoon with his mind. He’s fascinated. As he bends down and takes the [...]

Finding New In The Different

This last month I got to travel to Seoul, South Korea. I had the honor of bringing Content Marketing, our Master Class, and #CMWorld goodness to Seoul for the first ever Content Marketing Asia Forum, put on with our partner [...]

Gaslighting In Content Marketing

Distrust. It’s a popular topic in marketing these days. We’ve discussed at length how it might be the biggest opportunity in content marketing. Building trust with audiences is the critical foundation for evolving them into leads, opportunities, customers, and loyal [...]

Spielberg Your Audience!

A few weeks ago, Microsoft purchased the developer community GitHub for $7.5 billion. It’s an astounding 30x multiple on annual recurring revenue. To put that into perspective, Microsoft paid 7x revenue for LinkedIn. Much like the LinkedIn acquisition, this move [...]

Think Big, Start Small, Act Fast.

It’s busy isn’t it?  We just started the second half of 2018, and so I ask…. How’s your content marketing coming along? I visited a client last week to help with their content marketing planning. The team was pressed for [...]

Succeeding Into The Crisis Of Change

The question I’m asked most frequently at the end of a workshop or keynote is some version of this: “When your management team doesn’t see the value in content marketing, how do you convince them that change is needed?” It’s [...]

The Stories Our Customers Tell Themselves

  I’m just back from a marathon trip through Europe. Visiting five European cities in eight days sounds wonderful until you actually do it. Take it from me – unless you’re 22 years old – it’s too much. One benefit [...]

A Different Kind of Leadership

Can we talk about LeBron? I’m on a fairly extensive trip throughout Europe, teaching a workshop, visiting with clients, and seeing a few sights along the way. As a result, I’m only following NBA basketball from afar. But, wow, LeBron [...]

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