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Inventing traditions, robert rose, the content advisory, coffee break

Inventing Traditions

The holidays are a time of tradition, when many of us wrap ourselves in the past as in a comforting blanket. But how many of our traditions are actually based on ideas invented in our recent past? Now, the idea [...]

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What do you expect, Robert Rose, The Content Advisory

What Do You Expect?

Last week, a client of mine told me about some trouble with a writer on his team. “He’s continually producing subpar work,” he said. “I’m not sure what to do.”  I asked if he’d considered raising his expectations for writing [...]

Hug the Chaos, Robert Rose, The Content Advisory

Hug the Chaos

I’m on the last leg of my 2018 Content Marketing Master Class tour, and (like every year) I’ve learned as much as I’ve taught. If there’s a theme this year, I’d say it’s all about dealing with the chaos of [...]

Partners in Content

Greetings from seat 9F. I’m smack dab in the middle of my annual Master Class Tour. It’s one of my favorite times of year because I get to pressure test lots of new thinking and share what we’ve learned over [...]

Paint Your Own Blue Stripe

I had an interesting chat the other day with a newly appointed vice president of content at a retailer. She had been given the mandate of creating a completely new content strategy and team for the company. She said to [...]

the gift of giving, robert rose, the content advisory

The Gift Of Giving

In this weekend of American Thanksgiving, I hope you all are spending time with your families. As I was traveling home from London recently, I had an unusual experience on an airplane. As my fellow passengers and I were waiting [...]

Choose Your Own Adventure, Robert Rose, The Content Advisory

Choose Your Own Adventure

It’s been a trying week for me and my family. I’m in Europe – you know, just doing my usual Content Marketing thing – when I get the text message from my wife: “We’re being evacuated – big fire in [...]

Where Do You Start? Robert Rose, The Content Advisory, rocket, man, begin, start

Where Do You Start?

I just finished two consulting engagements where my clients asked me the exact same question: “Where do you start?” I’m reminded of the lyric from the wonderful, and heartbreaking song by the same name: Where do you start? How do [...]

How to Get – and Keep – the Best Talent in Content, The Content Advisory, Robert Rose, marketing team

How to Keep the Best Talent in Content

A client I worked with last year told me a fascinating statistic their research had uncovered: 80% of the senior-level professionals that make up their audience are so unsatisfied in their jobs that they’d be willing to change companies if [...]

Learning Early How To Be Big, The Content Advisory, Robert Rose, growth, plant, tree, dirt, sprout

Learning How To Be Big

Last week I worked with a content marketing team that’s killing it. In two years, they’ve doubled their content production, doubled the number of active leads they’re helping to generate, and hired six more people to produce content. But this [...]

Searching for the Purple Duck The Content Advisory Robert Rose ducks rubber ducky

Searching for the Purple Duck

In my storytelling workshops, I stress that to be effective with any content marketing strategy, you’ve got to develop a distinctive – as opposed to distinct – point of view for the story you’re telling or the value you’re delivering. [...]

Is It A Copy/Paste Career? The Content Advisory Robert Rose brains gray

Is It A Copy/Paste Career?

Last week a client asked me how it felt to have completed Content Marketing World and brought the year to successful close. “I don’t actually see Content Marketing World as the close of the previous year,” I told him. “I [...]

Your Revolution Won’t Come In A Headline The Content Advisory Raised Fists

Your Revolution Isn’t In A Headline

Well, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks. I mean in content. (Why? Is there something else happening in the news that I should be aware of?) Anyway, first, Adobe purchased Marketo in its biggest acquisition ever ($4.75 billion). So [...]

Truth Is Trust The Content Advisory handshake

Truth Is Trust

Well, it’s been a week where “truth” has been elusive. Now, before the pitchforks come out, let’s put current politics aside. I’m not referring to what’s being said in the media. Rather, the elusiveness seems to be in the actual [...]

When a Redesign Ruins Your Race Car Robert Rose Content Advisory

When a Redesign Ruins Your Race Car

I have no doubt that you’ve heard the classic saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It means, of course, that if something’s working adequately, you should refrain from changing it. Now, this advice can be good or bad [...]

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