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Are You Catfishing Yourself?

“Catfish” has become a verb. In case you haven’t watched the documentary or TV series that gave rise to the popularity of the term, “catfishing” refers to the act of presenting false information to make someone believe you are someone [...]

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The Weekly Advisory 4-20-18

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, What’s to come follow the recent Facebook fiasco or the pending GDPR enforcement, but either way – our social media lives are going to change. This could be a myriad of things, as the MarketingProfs [...]

Find Your Pope in the Pool

Last week I spoke at Social Media Marketing World about building audiences. After my presentation, I had a hallway conversation with a content marketer for a B2B technology company. He asked how to create great content for an audience when [...]

Audience Personas: An Alternative Approach To Content Marketing Personas

Audiences are not just buyers. Let me explain. As we’ve outlined, one of the key elements of the approach of content marketing is that it cannot simply be a replacement for our direct marketing efforts. If we are ever to [...]

The Weekly Advisory 4-13-18

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, We have a spring cleaning ritual as a society, that while our homes may not get their due attention, we can use the same thought process for our work. This week we share a cheat-sheet [...]

The Weekly Advisory 4-6-18

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, Working through the first of 2018 quarterly reports and gearing up for the summer promotions, content and vacations….it’s easy to get sucked to the beach at times. But, as we’re asking this week, how are [...]

Telling Your Brand’s Truth: The Power of the Underdog Brand Biography

Underdog love was in the air at New York City’s iconic Strand Bookstore on the evening of January 26th. A group of Strand devotees—literary heavyweights, famous journalists, city officials, store customers and employees—joined the Bass family to pay tribute to [...]

Does Your Content Make Attention Worth Paying?

At a conference I attended last week, the keynote speaker – a marketing executive from a technology company – was going through the usual marketing-is-changing slides, and there it appeared: a full-screen image of a goldfish. I winced. You can [...]

Welcome To the Era of “Beg Data”

Not a typo: The GDPR and growing consumer resistance will put a permission gate in front of personal data. The open bar has closed. The all-you-can-eat-buffet in now a Jell-O counter. Super-size colas have finally been banned. Pick your favorite [...]

Dazzle Your Customers Gradually

We see what we expect to see. Consider the musician who sat in the L’Enfant Plaza metro station in Washington DC a few years ago. When he began to play his violin, the beautiful, complex melody of Bach’s Chaconne filled [...]

The Weekly Advisory 3-23-18

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, With the last of winters nasty grip on the nation coming to an end (hopefully soon!), we can all breathe in the fresh spring air and thus, make way for new and fresh ideas in [...]

What Is Personal?

What was the best personalized ad or email you saw over the holiday season? How did it make you feel? As consumers, we want advertising and content to be more relevant and personalized – we just don’t want to notice [...]

The Weekly Advisory 3-16-18

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, What comes to mind as we review this week’s news around the web, is genuine kindness and authenticity. With a story, you can show your customers who your business really is behind those desks, countertops [...]

Water Your Lettuce

What have you resolved to do differently in 2018? According to Statista, the top two 2018 resolutions in the U.S., by far outstripping all others, were “Save money” and “Lose weight or get in shape.” When it comes to our [...]

The Weekly Advisory 3-9-18

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, Let’s get deep this week – while content sharing had decreased over the last two years, a sharing economy with companies like Uber popping up everywhere and companies are called on for a more human [...]

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