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The Weekly Advisory 9-22-17

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,   Ready to win over the C-Suite this week? We’ve found a few great tips to help you do so and keep your wits about you while you do it. And then, you can check [...]

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Audiences Are The Most Valuable Marketing Asset

Content business models are shifting. We know this. But, perhaps the question “into what?” is the more relevant one to ask. In our new book Killing Marketing, my co-author Joe Pulizzi  and I discuss how the product business model and [...]

Are You Dazzled by Bright, Shiny Objects?

Many of us feel pressured to get onto the newest channels or the most advanced software platforms. Do you have your own chatbot yet? If you don’t, chances are this discussion is coming to your weekly meeting soon.  Do we [...]

The Weekly Advisory 9-15-17

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,   With the flavors of summer drifting off into the distance, the fall season is upon us yielding a breath of fresh air in our work and promoting those re-evaluations before the holidays kick in…this [...]

The Audience Valuation Engine: A New Model for Calculating the Value Per Subscriber

I am struck by the notion that we have spent the last few years talking about how content marketing, as an approach, focuses on one thing: building a loyal audience that we can monetize over time and who become a [...]

Busyness As Usual

I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that for you as a content practitioner, busy is not a temporary state. It is business as usual. You’re under pressure to produce more faster, to sit in meetings, to answer [...]

True Digital Transformation, still elusive to many companies

Most Companies Don’t Fully Embrace Digital Transformation Every company, in every industry, in every geography is being impacted in some manner by Digital Transformation. Yet there are many companies who aren’t thinking about what they need to do to adapt, [...]

The Weekly Advisory 9-08-17

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,   A shift is in the air, maybe not the weather quite yet, but it’s an air of fall coming. Maybe it’s the AI take over? In any case, enjoy the new air with some of [...]

Inventing Traditions

There has been an onslaught of news about traditions, including debates over whether certain traditions are, in fact, traditional or whether people have invented them recently based on a shared sense of the past. The concept of inventing tradition is [...]

Finding Love in the pursuit of CEM

Remember dating high school? All the cliques; the cool kids, band geeks, jocks, punks, gamers, stoners, artsies, metal heads, … If you were part of one group it was difficult, if not impossible to get to know, let alone date, [...]

The Weekly Advisory 9-01-17

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, September always feels like a fresh start, with the kids heading back to school and the fall season starting to take form, so it goes that we reflect on the year so far and look [...]

Success Starts with Change Management

“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. “ ~ Niccolo Machiavelli Change management is [...]

Content Marketing Management Process

Managing A Content Marketing Process

 Aristotle famously said, “Well begun is half done.”  And, reaching the “Manage” portion of managing a content marketing process wheel – and it marks the exact half waypoint for the content marketing framework. In this week’s post, we explore the [...]

The Weekly Advisory 8-25-17

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory, Here it comes…pumpkin everything in the US. Fall is coming and we’re about to be bombarded, not only with the pending holidays down the road (OH NO!) but all that pumpkin….here are some great articles [...]

What Are You Waiting For?

I was commiserating with a colleague the other week about her inability to leave her frustrating job. She has spent two years trying to get her management team to understand the importance of content and the reasons that they should [...]

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