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The Content Advisory provides original thought leadership and research focusing on the practice of content marketing, content strategy, customer experience and the transformation of marketing. Our Research & Advisory clients enjoy access to our exclusive research agenda.  Resources in this section are available for download, and will help you make the business case for strategic content in your enterprise.  Feel free to click and browse the available research by category.

Our Books

We’ve written three best-selling books on the topic of content marketing, content strategy and the transformation of marketing into an organization that builds audiences.

Killing Marketing – The latest book by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose explores the idea of transforming marketing from a cost center into a profit center.  Don Schultz, Professor Emeritus of Service, Northwestern University’s Medill School said that this book “unlocked the puzzle of what marketing should be in the 21st century.”



Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing. This book from 2014 by Robert Rose and Carla Johnson outlines a new way for marketing to become more strategic – and how the development of content-driven experiences will become the new mandate for CMO’s.  This book was called a “treatise, and a call-to-arms to create the experiences that will make your customers fall in love with your brand.”


Managing Content Marketing. This book from 2011 by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose was called “the owner’s manual of the content marketing process.” It explored this new idea of content marketing and how enterprises could begin to create a strategic approach to the use of owned media.