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As one of the leaders of The Content Advisory Cathy helps organizations transform the way technology can enable business strategy and performance. In her current role, Cathy has helped dozens of companies realize their content and marketing/communication objectives. With 20 years of global experience and expertise in content strategy, content management, intranets, marketing technologies and customer experience, Cathy has both led both strategic business transformation initiatives, as well as the detailed execution of enterprise technology implementations.

“Success in digital and content marketing comes from the quality of the content being managed. This requires a team tasked with creating, managing, and regulating the content. And it requires that this team be empowered to execute a clearly defined mandate.”

Cathy served at Aon Hewitt as the Innovation Lead and a Senior Associate for the Communications Consulting Team, building an innovative Web solutions practice for the company. As Director, Client Services at Prescient Digital Media, Cathy led a team of consultants delivering enterprise intranet strategies, and technology selection projects for a vast array of global clients. And, as Senior Communications Advisor for IBM’s Global Services division, Cathy led budget planning, intranet management, and the overall strategy and messaging of IBM’s values and Mission to internal enterprise audiences. She continues to lead strategic consulting and analyst engagements with Digital Clarity Group.

With her background crossing technology, emergent business trends, and both internal and external communications, Cathy focuses on working with TCA’s clients to bridge leadership, business process and technology acquisition and adoption. Cathy is a frequent speaker at events such as ContentTECH, ICC, CMO Summit Europe, the J Boye Intranet conference and North American CMS Experts group, and the Gilbane conference on Content, Technology, and the Customer Experience.

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    We’ve all been there. There is an obvious situation that needs to that needs attention. Still, nobody involved wants to even acknowledge the challenge, let alone talk about it to solve it. So, we go along, coordinating with the elephant, working around it, or blending it into the situation as best we can. We see

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    So, did you hear the big Sitecore news … No? Don’t worry, hardly anyone else did either. In case you missed it, on Tuesday, Sitecore announced – in possibly one of the worst written press releases ever – that it has secured $1.2B, yes, you read that correctly, one-point-two-BILLION-dollar investment to support a four-pronged growth

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    So you need a new … WCMS? Marketing automation platform? E-commerce solution? Where not to start. Many companies will start their technology or service provider selection process by sending out a blind RFI (request for information) or RFP (request for proposal) without so much as picking up the phone to introduce themselves and the opportunity,

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