Tim Walters, Ph.D.Principal Strategist & Privacy Lead

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  • Privacy & Personal Data Strategies
  • GDPR and other privacy regulations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Content Marketing and Content Management
  • Future of Work
  • The Burdens and Benefits of the GDPR – A Practical Guide for Marketers
  • Promise and Permission: The Role of Trust in the New Data Economy
  • Welcome to the Era of Beg Data

Tim Walters is a principal strategist and the privacy lead at The Content Advisory, as well as a contributing analyst for the Content Marketing Institute and TechGDPR. In his writing, advising, and public speaking, Tim aims to help both enterprises and solution providers come to terms with customer experience management (CXM) – while also respecting the privacy and personal data of consumers.

“The perceived trustworthiness of a company will be the decisive factor that determines whether consumers provide access to personal data. Marketers need to understand and master the dynamics of trust in personal data exchanges.”

For Tim, this means understanding the fundamental concepts – experience, customer journeys, the jobs to be done – and then designing and implementing the content strategies that deliver mutual benefit for subscribed audiences, buyers, and sellers. His publications include “The GDPR Launches a New Era For Customer Experience Management,” “How to Survive and Thrive Under the GDPR: An Essential Guide For Marketers,” “Content Marketing In the Digital Driver’s Seat,” and “Deliver Peak Experiences With Interactive Content.” Prior to DCG, Tim was a Senior Analyst and Advisor at Forrester Research, and director of international marketing and strategy for FatWire Software, Earlier, he was a professor at the University of Rochester and New York University.

recent posts

  • What can the marshmallow test tell us about trust-based CX?

    EXT. CITY SIDEWALK – EARLY EVENING Work colleagues KATE and KEVIN exit their office building. KATE: Hey, do you know about the Stanford marshmallow test? KEVIN: Vaguely. Remind me. KATE: Basically, they isolated small children and administered high doses of sugar. KEVIN: Wha? KATE: Yeah, and if the kid resisted, they got a double dose.

  • Can Privacy-centric CX Be Funny?

    Cookie consent. It’s not the primary concern of marketers and CX teams. In fact, it’s probably not a concern at all. But that’s a big mistake. In a previous article, I argued that boring and undifferentiated cookie consent forms – as well as required privacy notices under regulations like the CCPA in California – can

  • In Silicon Valley, it’s hypocritical turtles all the way down

    Did you catch that? In a series of announcements over the past few weeks, the data giants and surveillance capitalists have surrendered. Oh sure, most of them are still hungry for all of your data all of the time. But they’ve quietly given up repeating the absurd fairy tale that most people are entirely happy

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