The Weekly Advisory 12-15-2016


Welcome to the Weekly Advisory….

Continuing to wrap up our year, we have a few last minute things to talk about, including a few lists, an inspirational story of blog to conference and some punny cards to read. Enjoy the weekly news in content marketing, customer experience and digital transformation.

Content Marketing

What’s more intriguing as a consumer: a general update (possibly automated) on a company you’ve made a purchase with, occasionally, or exclusive, limited-time content with valuable information that relates directly you? Snapchat’s got just that. Here’s MarketingProfs take on the three ways Snapchat is changing the marketing landscape.

When did we have to start asking ourselves “What is news?”. Was it when the only news you got suddenly was just the 30 minute nightly newscast? Moz takes this question head on with Googles new “Top Stories” v.s. News that has been quietly changing over at media conglomerate. What is yet to be seen is how determines our news?

It’s the tale of a writer, who launched a small blog that was a resource to a few. That blog grew, and grew and grew. Until one day, it launched it’s own live, in person conference with 1,000 plus attendees! Today, the conference expects 4,000. Dream big, marketer!

Customer Experience 

Need some dating advice? Well, this isn’t exactly your traditional meet-your-true-love dating advice, but MarTech takes an approach where marketing to your customer is in many ways similar to dating your customer. A few dos and don’ts to use to getting your customers to swipe right.

It goes without saying that angry customers make for…well, not customers. Customer Experience Matters takes on this rather obvious statement, but let’s marketers know some ways we can build loyal customers. And it starts, by talking about emotions.

As you begin to send out your holiday cards (or maybe this is your reminder to send those holiday cards), here are a few punny things to think about this season. Seriously, my favorite was the “You are terrifying” card!

Digital Transformation

Testing, testing…1…2…3….Anyone…? Well, we all know testing is essential to the performance of our campaigns, emails, and websites. Google’s new website testing tool has some really powerful features, including a report you can share with your webmaster to help it work even better – and your website improvements too.

Longing for a way to get rid of trolls on your Instagram account? The social network is launching comment control and user bans that can help you monitor engagement in a productive way. Bring it!

As we ring in the New Year in a few weeks, we can all assert that digital marketing is here to stay. With the new year comes lists…including what to look forward to in the coming months. Here are Social Media Today’s list of 10 small business digital marketing predications for 2017.

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