The Weekly Advisory 6-01-18

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,

Welcome to summer…unofficially, as the summer solstice isn’t for another several weeks. But, when you look out the window, I’m sure it’s harder and harder to focus. Well, we’re here to help with some ways to still stay in the cool kids club this summer, focus on customer centricity and a little bit on the digital assistants that are embedding…errr…gracing our lives with their ever-growing intelligence. Enjoy!

Content Marketing

You wanna be a cool communicator this summer?

When experience kills the unicorn

Write your story…own your story…or do you?

Customer Experience 

The broken user experience: content-driven fixes to audience disengagement

For one company, they are all about customer centricity! Let’s see how they can do it. 

Identity resolution, people-based marketing, and sustainable customer data strategy….Oh My!

Digital Transformation

So which digital assistant really know their stuff? New research reveals…

Is this what your digital transformation feels like? 

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