The Weekly Advisory – 5-19-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,

As temperatures heat up, so does the desire to just be outside….take your weekly content outside and catch up on the latest, below. 

Content Marketing

Want some real world, writing advice from a woman who says to write “crappy words”…yep, it’s all real. 
When that simple “Like” just won’t do and how they have impacted your interactions. 
Writing the same content for all social media? Well, you shouldn’t be….

Customer Experience 

The social media interaction space can be overwhelming…heres a few tools to help manage your engagement
Combining technology, marketing and everything in between….a customer-first approach – simplified

Digital Transformation


Here you have it….the MASTER plan for Facebook, for the next 10 years….bwah ha ha. 

How to join, participate in and host Twitter chats like a pro. 

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