The Weekly Advisory – 6-16-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,

This week we’ve got a few things to review your strategy….nothing like an April spring cleaning, right? And if you are a dreamer, we’ve got some awesome tools you’ve probably been salivating over. Enjoy!

Content Marketing

It’s summer time…who doesn’t want to take a break, I ask you? 
Just a reminder: take no shortcuts, folks

Customer Experience 

Why… don’t’ you know the customer journey is the real hero of content strategy? 
A crucial step in the customer experience, the content from their friends and family….read: user-generated content is golden.

Digital Transformation

Want folks to find your Instagram posts? Using these quick tools can help ya. 

Facebook’s new report on consumer behaviors helps marketers understand how folks are using these mediums, not just that we should use ’em. Check it out. 
With 5,300+ available time savers out there….what are you doing with all that extra time

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