The Weekly Advisory 9-01-17

Welcome to the Weekly Advisory,

September always feels like a fresh start, with the kids heading back to school and the fall season starting to take form, so it goes that we reflect on the year so far and look ahead. This weeks content marketing, customer experience and digital transformation stories are nothing short of that. Enjoy!
Content Marketing
The communicator industries are starting to blur lines, and these 24 PR professionals have some thoughts of roles we will all hold as inflation, job inflation that is, continues to manifest.
Six generations living in the USA currently, and you are creating the same content for them all? What are you thinking, folks? 
It’s time we all gathered here, for you, the marketers making some bad decisions or getting stuck in that rut….it’s time, for your intervention

Customer Experience 
Does your customer loyalty extend beyond a 10-punches-earn-a-free-ice-cream card? 
Everyone wants to be appreciated, and a thank you extends your gratitude more than you’d think. 
Digital Transformation 
Focus on Feet, Not Eyeballs: Why New TV Metrics Are Turning The Industry Upside Down”
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