What Is Content Strategy Training

How do you make sure that you’re developing an ongoing strength when it comes to achieving a realistic and effective Content Marketing Strategy? You need complete, focused and pragmatic training for you and your teams. You’re already “doing content” and left unchecked you may find that you’ll slowly regress toward average, and then below average. You need to keep your skills sharp. As the best practices for content marketing strategy, execution, and measurement evolve at a rapid pace, the knowledge gap will have significant implications for businesses large and small, according to TCA’s Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose: "In 2022, professional development in the world of Content is critical right now. The disparity in skills will continue to grow as the practice of content marketing and the strategies to operationalize it evolve. Those companies that focus on developing new skills today are likely to employ the successful marketers of the future. Those companies that maintain the status quo are likely to find their content marketing initiatives stillborn – the fate of every corporate initiative that fails to demonstrate ROI and how it contributes to the strategic direction of the organization. There is no middle ground." So what can you do?

How Do You Identify Content Training Needs

How do you know if your content marketing skills are up to date? Here are several questions that can help you get a clearer picture of your needs: 1. How well are my current work practices meeting my needs and those of my employer or clients? 2. Do my work processes and tasks become more or less effective over time? 3. If I am less effective, how can I learn alternative strategies and tactics?