The Co-Created Future of AI in Content Strategy


A pragmatic vision for how artificial intelligence will transform the content creation process for businesses of all sizes.


The ongoing tension between human content creators and technology has continued to evolve rapidly with the advent of the word processor, digital photography, creative software editing.”

There are now  computer programs that can simulate entire choirs, enabling anyone who can play basic piano and type words to create the music and lyrics for an entire choral symphony. And, yes, now generative Artificial Intelligence can create business content.

While the fear of being replaced may not be completely unfounded, it will only be made real if the creators themselves don’t take advantage of evolving their process or using the new capabilities.

Put simply: today’s content creator is no more or less talented or equipped to express ideas – it is the activities and efficiency of those activities that change.

This research paper illustrated how successful business content creators are leveraging AI.