Content Marketing In Crisis

Content Marketing In Crisis

In our experience, there is no shortage of innovative ideas in companies. However, a huge wealth of ideas never gets a chance to be expressed.

Leadership in companies often talks the talk of innovation, but rarely walks the walk. A great example of this comes from the world of PR agencies. We all know that for the last 10 years, the PR agency business has been under a fundamental disruption. One senior manager in one of the largest PR agencies in the world recently told us:

“We often have all-hands meetings where senior management gives a very inspirational speech, about how we must be innovative and deliver new content marketing, and strategic social media solutions to our clients. And then, once the speech is over, we all go back to our cubes and try to get reporters on the phone to get coverage for our clients.”

Companies want their marketers to be innovative—you know, as long as they can prove ROI on that innovative new thing they want to try.

In this white paper, we re-build the business case for Content Marketing – a process that can add multiple lines of value to the business.

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