Content Marketing Job Descriptions

Content Marketing Job Descriptions

In our effort to continue to identify the important roles in the Content Marketing and Customer Experience organization, these are two key positions that the business can fill.

The two positions here are the Leader in Content Marketing and the Managing Editor position. These are two of the more senior level positions on the practitioner team, and each could be considered more editorial and experiential, rather than marketing or sales focused.

Leader in Content Marketing Center of Excellence is an expert in all things related to content and channel optimization, brand consistency, segmentation and localization, analytics and meaningful measurement. The position collaborates with all departments in order to help define both the brand story and the story as interpreted by the customer.

Th Content Strategist/Managing Editor individual leads content development from concept through production and delivery for one or multiple properties for the business. The Content Strategist is responsible for assessing content opportunities and recommending content strategies that meet business goals and deliver excellent user experience.

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