From Ideas To Action – Why Marketers Must Evolve Great Brand Stories into Stellar Experiences For Customers

If ever there were a profession suffering from motion sickness, it’s marketing. Upheaval from a sea of constant change is truly the new norm. Sure footing is a thing of the past. As we look to deliver value within our organizations, we nd
that our arms need to span greater breadths and depths. First we thought alignment with sales was big. Then

we took on technology. Now we see another progression as conversations expand into creating experiences for customers. It’s no longer enough to tell the story of the good you deliver. Now, brands have to pony up on that expectation at every touchpoint with uber relevant experiences.

We’ve seen great companies make the transition from traditional marketing into content and bring it to life through stellar storytelling. That’s still comfortably within the realm of expectations for marketing’s responsibilities. But there’s more looming on the horizon and we’re picking up speed fast.

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