Measuring For Meaning

Measuring for Meaning

Before you get too excited, you need to know that this is not a paper about marketing measurement. There, whew, we said it.

There are innumerable experts in the field of data measurement who derive actionable insight out of the ways that marketing and advertising are measured. As we have indicated, we are focused on putting function before form, story before expression, and meaning before action.

That said, we can safely say that measurement—especially as it pertains to content and experience-driven marketing—is in a world of hurt. The stark perception that content-driven marketing cannot be measured (as opposed to the actual results by the way) is the most often cited reason that content marketing initiatives are cancelled.

Therefore, as we move into the new era of Experiences—as we “lean in” with our capital “M” —we must CHANGE how we approach the very idea of what measurement means.

This paper is about the fundamental change we must go through to get to more meaningful measurement.


This chapter is about changing our approach to measurement.

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