Motorola Finds Success Through Chaos

Motorola Solutions

For the last five years, Motorola Solutions has been on a trajectory that has led them through a company split, a complete rebranding, redefining the role of the CMO, and essentially upending the purpose of marketing within the company. And they’re not done yet.

In the Beginning

In January 2011, Motorola, Inc. spun off its consumer-focused division and became two separate companies: B2B-focused Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility, which Google bought in 2012 and Lenovo acquired in October 2014.

As the senior vice president of innovation for Motorola Solutions, Eduardo Conrado posed the question: How do you create an 80-year old startup?

“We had lost the attention of the marketplace over the previous 20 years,” Conrado said. “But with a ‘new’ company, we had the opportunity to refocus and recapture that attention. We went through extensive exercises related to brand purpose that defined the company’s promise, voice, and values. We’re the people who guide you through the higher-level solutions, and we wanted to be seen as trusted advisers. So whether Motorola Solutions sells the product or not, how can we solve problems for our customers?”

The company split was an inflection point that began a transformative journey for Motorola Solutions to shift the market’s perception of them from a provider of products to a trusted adviser of solutions.

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