The Four Operating Models of Strategic Content

Operating Models of Content

So, what is a content operation model? And, perhaps even more importantly, why should we care? We might be saying to ourselves, “we’ve got so many demands and so much content to produce, why take the time to plan? Let’s just get to it!”

Our experience is that unless you understand how to balance your content operating model – you can never scale or measure as effectively.

Whenever we see content strategy succeeding, it’s typically happening in one or more of four content operating models along two axes. On the left axis, we see models that are internally focused versus more externally focused, building audiences that can be monetized over time. Then, along the bottom axis we see models that are departmental (e.g. siloed) services shading into integrated business services.

Every successful content operation is a balanced combination of all four models. So it’s not a question of which one are we now and how do we grow as quickly as possible. Rather an Intelligent Content Strategy is about which balance of the four makes sense both today and tomorrow.

This self-assessment tool is a high level tool that can help identify the three most common imbalances, with suggestions for steps you can take to address the challenges they pose.

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