The Rise of Digital Brand Compliance – A Market Guide


The growing need for solutions that orchestrate and automate the complexities of legal, licensing, compliance, and aspects of brand quality for rich media across a multi-channel digital ecosystem.


In today’s modern marketing and brand management strategies, business leaders across every industry are charged with creating and managing an exponentially growing number of digital media assets.

This responsibility is more complex than ever because these assets must be created and managed with a consistent, differentiated voice along a thoroughly fragmented spectrum of media types and channels.

 Further, they must comply with increasingly complex legal, usage, licensing, and even individually customized brand standards.

Creating, managing, activating, and retiring digital media assets to maximize their value for marketing and customer experience is a complex and growing challenge.

This new TCA Market Guide defines, sizes, and provides recommendations around a newly formed market need called Digital Brand Compliance. It is a market we project to grow at a CAGR of 18% over the next five years and is an ever more critical component of a modern content management strategy for product and services companies.