The Value Of Becoming An Audience Company

Becoming Audience Company

In today’s world, we have pressures on us to show the results of content marketing. If we only look at our owned media efforts as a replacement for advertising, and measure it under a content consumption model, we will ultimately fail at providing a positive return on investment.

A successful, long-term, Content Marketing approach is more expensive than advertising. It just is. The goal of content marketing must be to provide multiple lines of integrated value across the business. Thus, our true investment is not in content. It’s in the result of the content – a subscribed audience.

Media companies have realized the evolution of becoming an Audience Company. As one television executive stated “I can’t think of another business that makes one product but sells a different product. We make programs and put them on the air. We are not selling the programs, we are selling the people that watch the programs.” Brands who understand this are setting NEW values to the value of marketing by establishing direct relationships with audiences that are proprietary. They are doing what marketers have done for 100 years.

They are making their own markets.

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