About The Content Advisory

Founded In 2010 By Robert Rose

In 2010, Robert Rose started TCA, as a part of The Content Marketing Institute, focusing on training teams to operationalize the practice of content marketing. Initially, we saw content creation as key, but soon realized that successful businesses were blending top-notch marketing approaches with media company operational methods, in order to optimize content strategically in their businesses.

Since then…

Under the leadership of Cathy McKnight and Robert Rose, TCA developed a range of effective methodologies to implement smart content marketing strategies. Our team includes a network of independent analysts, data scientists, journalists, and creative artists who think out of the box and work together to solve unique business challenges.

These teams…

are quick to form and tackle specific issues, helping businesses evolve their marketing into media-rich customer experiences on a large scale.

We believe…

that we’re key players in driving business success. Since our start, we’ve guided over 500 organizations, including 20 of the Fortune 100. We see content as a critical business function and specialize in optimizing its creation, management, and measurement to enhance customer experiences.

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What Our Clients Say


“We had great internal talent, but a short timeline. We knew we needed to extend our team with outside experts who could advise on what’s worked best in a multitude of situations.

TCA helped us move efficiently, effectively, and gain quick internal credibility. I’m grateful we found them and they also made the work a heck of a lot of fun.

Jennifer Schoech Hovelsrud
Staff VP Enterprise Content Mktg Strategy at Elevance Health

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