Can Privacy-centric CX Be Funny?

Cookie consent. It’s not the primary concern of marketers and CX teams. In fact, it’s probably not a concern at all. But that’s a big mistake.

In a previous article, I argued that boring and undifferentiated cookie consent forms – as well as required privacy notices under regulations like the CCPA in California – can actively undermine all of the hard work you’ve put into customer experience.

That’s not surprising, since it’s likely the cookie consent interaction has been dictated by lawyers in the Compliance department and the CX team has absolutely nothing to do with it.

It doesn’t have to be so. What happens if the CX team applies their skills to turn the cookie consent from a hostile barrier into an engaging, satisfying – and, I dare say, even funny – introduction into your CX.

A funny legal notice? The lawyers are appalled!

But let’s look at a real world example and explore how it can be improved. Here’s an actual cookie notice for a company based in Berlin, where I live.


BORING. And sadly, all too common. Plus, it’s non-compliant; the radio button should say something like “Accept Choices,” not “Accept All.”

To protect the innocent, I’ll call the company AWE. They offer an online meeting platform that is a quasi-competitor with Zoom.

The first thing you think of when you hear Zoom is probably, “When can I go back to the office?” But after you stop crying, the second thought might be “security issues.”

The developers of AWE are convinced they’ve avoided any Zoomy problems. That’s a key brand and experience differentiator, and they ought to highlight it right at the beginning.

How about this? (I\’m imagining the details of how the company ensures privacy and security.)



That’s far from perfect, of course. But it does show that with just a few minutes’ effort you can begin to craft a cookie consent interaction that is distinctive, amusing, engaging, brand-specific, AND compliant. What more could you want from that crucial first customer experience?


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