Cleaning up your Social Scene

Before Snapchat, we had Pinterest and Instagram.

Before Insta, we had Twitter (now X).

Before Twitter, we had Facebook and LinkedIn.

And before that … MySpace (now Myspace), the modern social channel that launched them all.

And those are not even close to being all the available social media platforms. We can’t forget Reddit, TikTok, WeChat, Douyin, QQ, and YouTube. We can’t forget any of them, because according to the 2021 Hootsuite “We Are Social” report, social media channels combined have 4.55 billion active users.

Yet so many companies have – forgotten, that is, about the need to proactively tend their social landscape.

We recently worked with a client whose social media landscape had become unruly and overgrown due to accelerated product innovation, brand acquisitions, and the need for more stringent social governance and an articulated social media strategy. They reached out to TCA to help them reel in more than 50 handles across multiple channels that were aligned with a multitude of products, personalities, and corporate brands. The ultimate goal – present a unified voice across fewer handles in an aligned and on-brand manner. At the end of our engagement, armed with a:

  • Prioritized, and much shorter, list of active social handles,
  • New social governance model, 
  • Streamlined, efficient, enabling social content management workflow, and a
  • Roadmap and work plan to implement its new social strategy.

So while they still have work ahead to achieve a unified voice across all channels, they are well on their way. 

Does this situation sound similar? We can help, in our eBook – Optimizing your Social Landscape in 3 Easy Steps – we simplified and streamlined our approach used with this client to create an easy-to-follow, three-step process to getting your social scene under control again.

So armed with this guide, some time, an audit tracker spreadsheet, an internet connection, and maybe your favourite caffeinated beverage, you can start optimizing your company\’s social presence with a refreshed and focused approach to social content.

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