Webinar: Social Media – Crafting A Cutting Edge Strategy

What the hell should we do with our Social Media channels?

It’s time to navigate through the enigma that social media has become: from the shifting sands of X (you know, the platform formerly known as Twitter) where trust is as scarce as a retweet from a celebrity, to Facebook’s transformation into an exclusive club for the parental units. Instagram has become the kingdom of influencers, LinkedIn is louder than a New York City street, and TikTok? It’s under the sword of Damocles, poised for a potential ban.

Dive into our fun and practical webinar, where we peeked into the crystal ball of social media’s future as well as talked through how to construct a new approach – a modern approach – to the social media landscapes. We dissected the best strategies for thriving in the social media sphere and architecting a visionary roadmap that can help ensure your business doesn’t just ride this wave, and those that will surely follow, but become the tide itself in social media marketing.

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Webinar Summary

Cathy McKnight and Robert Rose from The Content Advisory discussed the current state of social media in 2024 and provided recommendations on how companies can adapt their strategies.

  • Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (now called X), LinkedIn, and TikTok are seeing shifts in usage and advertising performance
  • Clickthrough rates have collapsed – users are much less likely to click on links or leave the platform
  • Commenting and sharing of posts by users has significantly declined
  • Users are becoming more passive consumers of content rather than active participants
  • More private sharing is happening through direct messaging apps rather than public posting
  • Organic reach, while still low, has slightly improved as there is less competition from personal posts
  • Brands are leveraging more user-generated content and influencers/employees to drive engagement
  • Social media is transitioning from a community-building focus to simply being another paid media distribution channel

Part 2: Conducting a Social Media Audit Cathy outlined a 3-step process for auditing a company’s social media presence:

  1. Capture the basics for each profile: platform, handle name, URL, owner, follower counts, post frequency, and branding alignment. Also investigate employee/executive profiles, old profiles from acquired brands, and unauthorized or fake profiles.
  2. Gather and analyze audience and engagement data: follower demographics, engagement rates, post types, and topics that get the most engagement.
  3. Decide what to do with each profile:
  • Keep: if well-aligned to strategy and getting good engagement, keep active with improvements
  • Archive: if not a current priority but potentially useful in the future, keep but don’t actively post
  • Delete: if outdated, misaligned, unauthorized, redundant or very low-value, consider shutting down

Key questions to ask about your current approach to social media marketing and content:

  • Do you have a documented social media strategy aligned to business goals and target audiences?
  • Is your content tailored for each platform or are you posting the same things everywhere?
  • Are you proactively interacting with your audience?
  • What role does social play in your overall marketing funnel?

Some specific strategic recommendations:

  • Focus on social as a paid amplification channel for compelling branded content vs an organic community
  • Leverage more ephemeral, “disappearing” content to create urgency and scarcity
  • Put employee advocacy programs in place to humanize the brand presence
  • Prioritize video content, especially short-form video
  • Participate actively in niche forums/groups vs just broadcast posting


The key takeaway is that social media is going through a fundamental transition. Brands need to shift from an organic community-building mindset to treating social as a paid media channel for distributing strategic branded content. Auditing the current state is an important first step before developing a revamped social strategy that aligns with these new realities and trends. The Content Advisory can assist companies that need additional guidance and support with this process.

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