Unlocking Expertise With Fractional Talent – March 2024 Webinar

unlock fractional talent

Are you struggling to find and hire skilled professionals in the rapidly changing business landscape? You are not alone – as many as 77% of today’s businesses struggle to find and hire skilled professionals.

In our March Webinar, Cathy and I discuss the newer trend of fractional talent acquisition and how it can help you overcome these challenges. We will dive, or at least dip our toe, into the world of fractional talent acquisition.

During the webinar we’ll explore how Fractional Talent:

  • Offers cost-effectiveness and adaptability
  • Engagement enables you to fill talent gaps economically
  • Address leadership needs immediately, and for as long as you need it. 

We will share real-life case studies and success stories of companies that have benefited from this innovative hiring approach in terms of content and marketing team needs. You will gain valuable insights into the positive outcomes and the impact it had on their business success and growth.

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Summary Of The Webinar

Fractional Talent in Marketing Strategy

Robert discussed the increasing trend and benefits of fractional talent in the workplace, particularly in the context of marketing and content strategy. He emphasized that fractional talent provides specialized skills and knowledge transfer, supplementing existing teams rather than replacing them. This approach is particularly useful in a remote work environment and is a cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time employees. Cathy was then invited by Robert to discuss the practical application of fractional marketing and content talent within their organization.

Utilizing Fractional Talent for Marketing Challenges

Cathy discussed the challenges of managing a team without a marketing budget or the readiness to hire long-term. She suggested the use of temporary talent, known as fractional talent, to handle marketing and content needs. She highlighted the advantages of this approach, such as ensuring smooth transitions during complex situations like mergers and acquisitions, bringing in new expertise to manage transitions, and empowering startups by providing experienced professionals for marketing strategy development. Cathy also noted the usefulness of fractional talent for seasonal launches or new lines of business, allowing for a deeper skill set and experience for a specific period.

Skills Audit for Content Strategy Implementation

Cathy emphasizes the need for specialized skills like project management, content expertise, technology understanding, workflow engineering, and governance during a content strategy implementation. Robert outlines the typical stages, including auditing existing processes, acquiring new technology, documenting and rolling out changes. Cathy stresses having the right fit players with the required expertise at each stage, as key roles like program management and specialists are often assigned based on bandwidth rather than skills. She recommends conducting a team skills audit to identify gaps and potentially using fractional talent to fill those gaps when needed for successful execution and adoption.

Niche Skill Sets and Fractional Talent

Robert and Cathy discussed the challenges of niche skill sets in their teams and the solution of utilizing fractional talent to supplement their existing resources. They differentiated between using agencies or consulting firms for breadth of skills and fractional talent for specific, temporary needs. The conversation also touched upon the benefits of this approach, including cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and the ability to add diverse skill sets and outside perspectives. They also announced their next webinar to discuss social media and content strategies for 2024.

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